In 2019, 5 Ways To Play Safe & Win Massively Like The Cryptocurrency Whales

For those that came into cryptocurrency to ONLY win or belong to the Bitcoin crew, they came, saw, and conquered with losses because that is what 2018 presented them with.

Comparing the current Bitcoin market to last year’s price highs, investor Mike Novogratz said “we’re at the methadone clinic – as reported by CoinTelegraph.

Who would have believed that Bitcoin will go from $15,000 t $4,000 – after all the massive crypto predictions that tore many apart?

Laughs…the bitcoin surprise caused many to become BTC Experts. An example below.

It is clear that BTC was in a bubble like Tulip, it has broken finally. Potential Short position bubble, also known as, short squeeze.

Once we hit support the area of interest for whales, move of 500-1000$ could happen in a couple of minutes and close all these short positions.

Every opened long position has to be closed by opening short one. Every short opened position has to be closed by opening the long one.

All these short positions are going to become long sooner or later. Even if the market is bearish once the stop loss area is reached by a small pump, the chain reaction could create a huge spike.

Well, there is nothing anyone can do because cryptocurrency is not a quick rich scheme. Simply put it. It is very volatile when it has to do with winning. You only win if you had been in the game for long or learned how to play safe.

The pointing fingers now are, why do we need to play safe and at the same time, how do we win?

From the genesis, cryptocurrency was meant to be decentralized, but the crypto whales have mixed it up with vinegar and sweets all at the same time.

Since the 2018 issue of ETF vs SEC, a lot of Whales have long dominated the crypto world thereby influencing short-term prices in a matter of moments.

The industry is so infused by the whales that according to CoinTelegraph, Spiking, the “world’s first blockchain asset validation, and AI-driven crypto trading infrastructure,” through its platform, is trying to enable users to automatically follow the trades of whales who meet their goals.

We may be talking of whales and yet you do not know them. Now, what are whales?

These are traders who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency. They are so called because of their ability to influence short-term trends in the market based on whether they buy or sell assets.

Do you want to be a 2019 crypto whale? Later on that…

The big question now is, in 2019, would you want to see how to play safe & win massively like the cryptocurrency whales? See this first, how to get started in cryptocurrency profitably in 2019

Having learned a lot in 2018, below are some of the viable ways to win and play smartly in cryptocurrency.


 Win Massively Like The Cryptocurrency Whales

#1. Do Not Hold More Digital Assets You Cannot Afford To Lose

2018 taught us a great deal of why we should not hold onto a coin forever. Since we have already seen the backside of 2018, it is great not to repeat the same feat in 2019.

If you are holding any crypto coin, hold a volume you will be comfortable should the best of 2018 repeats itself.

Else, keep your fiat and do not FOMO – all the meaning.

#2. Do not HODL Forever

Sound contradictory, right?

Well, there is no how you will be a success as the crypto whales if all you do is hold onto a coin forever – just being stored up in your best crypto wallet.

A successful whale knows how to use his assets and blow off the market to his favor.

So, what should you do?

Sell out in profits when the time is right.

For an example, one of the best successful assets – Ripple, was selling at 4,000 SAT. All of a sudden, based on market developments and sentiments, it went all high to 8,000 SAT. Now, the market did not just succumb because it had to. No!

Apart from collaborations and launches, it did because the whales also sunk it a lot of Ripple coin to influence the market to their favor, and there you had it, the coin went all high to 8,000 SAT.

Let’s say you were holding Ripple. In order to play safe in 2019, a fair game would be to sell half the coin and take some profits and comfortably wait for another opportunity to enter.

To round it up. A crypto whale is not made by holding a coin forever but by using what he has to get what he wants by influencing the market.


See this – Top hot cryptocurrencies to invest & hold in 2019


#3. Scalp Cryptocurrencies by Events Pumps

Herein lies a new way to play safe & win massively like the cryptocurrency. Like not holding, here, what you want to do is buy into a coin based on market sentiments – what is on the news and major updates.

A coin pumps when there is a massive update or such. Just like on 11th Dec 2018 when Stratis had a new release.

Again, you do not need to hold any coin, you can have your money in fiat or USDT. The point is getting the said coin during the news and selling out at the peak when it surges for profits.

An example was the Stratis launch that pumped the coin from 1770 to 1950+ SAT.

What you would likely do with other coins.

At the news – coin at 1770

At the peak of the launch update – 1950+   

Sellout position – 1960 SAT.


Profits = 1960 -1770 (STRAT) X amount in $$.

 The Right Coin about Pumping at the right time…

What you need to do here is get the timing shifts of the top coins of the moment; the very ones the crypto whales are ready to pump by influences or by a product launch or even mainset.

If you can do it on your own, take advantage of it and make decent profits. But if not, we will send it timely to you. See below or go here.


#4. Automate Crypto Trading

Automating crypto trading is really like trading but not with you actively involved about the technical analytics.

On your own, you can look out to some features such as Bollinger Band, RSI, Volume, and more. But with automating, those are done for you while you concentrate on how to set the stop losses and make profits after a successful entry.

Which tool to use and automate?

With so many vague tools out there, the best tool for automating crypto trading is Cryptoblizz.

This is how Cryptoblizz looks like and the FAQs.


Where your successes starts 

➡ How to Start a Career as a Crypto Trader 


#5. Blockchain Payday

You can get started today and earn big, very big in cryptocurrency via Blockchain Technology. I know you might have observed the listing that was available on Coinbase some time ago in search of experts – HIRING – They were simply in search of Blockchain Masterminds.

If you want to fill the void in the Blockchain industry as a Blockchain nerd, you can check out the Blockchain Masterclass.
Currently, there are over 16,000 students enrolled and learning how to. So, everyone wants to receive a huge paycheck – a share of the cryptocurrency industry.

You can sign up here for free and join other Blockchain Masterminds.


#6. Budget For Taxation

While the issue of crypto taxation is not common to all blockchain countries, however, To Whom It May Concern, it is better to set aside some money for crypto tax from your profits when they come calling else it would be bad to be identified as a Government cheat – you don’t want to be that, right?

Recently, according to Cointelegraph, Denmark’s tax agency (Skattestyrelsen) has confirmed it is “identifying” 2,700 individuals it says owe taxes on Bitcoin (BTC) gains, according to a Dec. 12 press release.

According to Skattestyrelsen, the Danish citizens bought and sold Bitcoin via an unnamed Finnish cryptocurrency exchange between 2015 and 2017, but did not declare any profits or losses on tax documents.

Going further, the agency will go after each individual with an eye to determining their payment obligations.

To see why this is important, it may interest you to know that right now Danish Government is identifying the individual citizens and keeping the new information up to those they already have.

The best bet here is staying out of the way of the Government. Let me disclose this.

If you are having big time issues and hard time settling or allocating proper taxation fund, you can let CoinTracking track and manage your taxation funds.



How to Become A Crypto Whale of 2019

While it is for sure that time is up for great coins when they were still fractions, the point is, it is not over. Right now there are great coins to hold which could make you a whale.

Although we shall write about the top worthless coins to invest in 2019: the right ones for quarter 1, one of the best now is QuarkChain – QKC.

QKC is one of the best coins to hold and execute the #3 recommendations for profits.  Another one is MDA.

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What Volume Of Cryptocurrency Will Make You A Whale?

The volume here can vary because each cryptocurrency has its own unique market volume. However, on the average, I think holding 5 million of a coin could make you a whale.

I mean, storming a crypto exchange with 1 mil coins for a trade can turn the market up-side-down because you’ve got the voice and what it takes to make it happen. 

If you ask me, as a whale, I would hold 3,000,000 QKC and 1,000,000 REN and the third one? Still working on it.

Where to buy QKC and REN? You can get them at Binance.


Be a Smart Crypto Investor/Trader & Not A Hard Jobber Trader

You’ve got to bypass the manual and rather choose a copy and paste automated crypto trading framework.

You absolutely don’t need to trade at LOSS forever because crypto trading is easy to write on paper but actually having the success is far from it.

Therefore, submit the right crypto trading by using the best automated trigger tool IDEAL for your success level.

Sign up today with CryptoBlizz/tool and start having crypto trading success in a long run.

For beginners, you can get started by learning the methods behind the crypto trading success with using the right trigger with the CryptoHopper/Tool.

In case you do not believe any of the above, let’s show you how we won after 12 days of top coins to buy in 2019. See below.



Once beaten and twice shy?

If you were beaten in 2018 for holding onto a coin forever, then you do not want the same event to repeat in 2019, right?

In 2019, playing safe all the way and onto winning massively like the cryptocurrency whales mean you’ve got to do something different.

While cryptocurrency is very volatile and not to be trusted, it is sure okay to say that many are profiting in this industry by either doing it on their own or using a framework that is working.

Be it as it may, crypto is here to stay and if everything fails, the technology backing it up called the blockchain is here to stay for a very long time.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said he is “optimistic” about blockchain, therefore he aims to both foster innovation and protect investors – as reported by CoinTelegraph.

So, what is your stand having seen how to manipulate the crypto industry and win massively as a crypto whale in 2019?

Over to you…

Will you become a crypto whale in 2019, if yes, which crypto assets would you start with?

Disclaimer: this is not a financial advice but to be treated as an education piece.


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