18 Top Exchanges Supporting Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

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The following are the exchanges supporting Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork.



Binance has confirmed that it would extend its support to the Ethereum hard fork Constantinople which is likely to happen between 14th of January, 2019 to 18th of January, 2019 (Ethereum hard fork date).



Even KuCoin has announced that they would be supporting the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork. They even mentioned that even if creates a newly forked chain, it would distribute the assets to all the users or the holders.



BitForex has officially confirmed that they would be providing support to the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople hard fork.

They clarified that during the hard fork timeframe if there are any airdrops or hard forks, they would send the airdrops based on the snapshots of the assets. They don’t want the users to get stressed out, hence will take care of the technical requirements during the hard fork.




OKEx announced through its enlightening blog about Ethereum Constantinople hard fork that they are supporting the upcoming ETH Constantinople update, recommending the users to deposit ETH without worrying about their holdings. They iterated that the holdings would be safe with their institutional-grade security system.


Huobi Global

Huobi Global has officially announced that they would be supporting the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople hard fork.

If there are any additional airdrops during the hard fork, then they would distribute to the respective users after receiving. They have recommended the users to deposit the ETH as Huobi will be taking care of the technical requirements during the hard fork formation.



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Coinbase has also confirmed that they are supporting the hardfork.



Bibox has also confirmed recently that they would assist the users during the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork. They have recommended the users to deposit ETH to their respective accounts and does not have to worry about anything else.

Similarly, they would distribute the airdrops to the users based on the last received snapshot, if there are any additional hard forks or airdrops. All the announcements will be done on their website.



IDEX has announced that it will automatically transition to the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork and will stay in sync with the upcoming fork. They also stated that the users don’t have to be worried about the transition and would take care of the technicalities.


CEX.IO announced that they are making the necessary technical adjustments to support Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork and ensure their customers’ funds are kept safe.



CoinBene Exchange

ABCC Exchange




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What Must All ETH Hodlers do?

Harforks make an asset price to surge. It is recommended that the holders get some ETH in case there is an airdrop which means they can get a double coin.

Also, you want to avoid importing your wallet private keys to any new unrecognized wallets promising fee coins during this time.

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